Saturday, September 25, 2010

When Other Treatments Fail

This week has been kind of hard for James. Since I started taking him to daycare with me (about a month ago) our whole family has been subject to more sickness, James especially. Unfortunately, this week James got a stomach bug. He's had loose BM's for a few days and the real problem is that he's gotten a terrible diaper rash. The other two or three children who have had the bug have also had terrible diaper rashes. They've all had bright red, blistered bottoms. Yesterday James' bottom was bleeding some. It broke my heart to change his diapers because the wipes and the action of wiping hurt him so much.

Three years ago I was working at a daycare in Cary, NC, and there was a child in my classroom who struggled with chronic diaper rash. His mother invested in some Triple Paste diaper cream and that was the only cream that kept his rash at bay. So when James' rash was unresponsive to the typical creams like Boudreaux's Butt Paste or Desitin Original, I decided to track down this Triple Paste.

I found it at Target for a whopping $7.40 for 2oz. Thankfully I had a gift-card so I didn't think twice about grabbing that tube plus some store-brand Pedialyte. The slogan on the package is "Recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists when other treatments fail". While it's slightly amusing to me that they're basically saying, "Eh, if your other stuff doesn't work, give us a try", this stuff works! This morning James' rash was only pink. I need to make sure to put it on him every time I change his diaper for as long as his stomach hurts, but it was more than worth the price to alleviate the pain he was in.

I can't recommend this stuff strongly enough. If you're registering for baby stuff, put at least one tube of Triple Paste on there so that you won't have to drop the cash yourself. I agree with the slogan though, the price is pretty steep to use as everyday diaper cream, but if your baby has persistent diaper rash or particularly painful rash, this stuff nearly works miracles.


  1. I am so glad you found out about this cream before hand. I wonder if it could be used in other ways.

  2. What other ways are you thinking of?